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Gain clarity about what is truly important to you. Set goals and develop laser focus.


Optimize your health and energy starting with the basics, going as deep as you need so you have the energy you need to do it all!

Life Balance

Learn how to focus on the critical few to optimize your precious time without sacrificing family, activities or your "me" time.

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One on One Life Coaching

You choose the focus:

High Performance Coaching

Health Coaching

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Belly Love 

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My Mission:




Listen with compassion, challenge with heart, guide with wisdom.  

Guide each client’s discovery of their innate vitality and unlimited potential, enabling them to bloom into every season of their life. 

Create a ripple effect, inspiring others to seek their joy and vitality.

"Pat is an exceptional Life Coach, a calm driving force; she’ll lead you where you need to be as you make your own journey to self-discovery and improvement and each incremental step is a WOW moment as you make your break through under her gentle guidance. You will be thoroughly delighted by your progress as you arrive at the place you desire with her support and expertise."

Christine A.
Human Resources professional

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"Before starting the program, I was apprehensive since I was newly graduated from high school. However, this program helped me decide on a course of action that would guide me through college. I am now in my final year of my undergraduate studies and am able to see a clear path for my future. I believe this program is perfect for anyone at any age who needs extra guidance, support, or even someone to lend an ear!"

Tabitha M.
College Student

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